In the last few years the Viennese Photographer Manfred Baumann has become one of the most influential Photographers of his time. His passion for photography began as a child at the age of 10 when his grandfather gave him his first camera – a PRAKTIKA.

His grandfather, who worked as a photographer himself, was the inspirational figure for Manfred. After he developed a feeling for it, he concentrated on landscape photography in his first years. Baumann’s path to become an international known Photographer wasn’t a smooth one. After his education in Business management he began working as Assistant for a Viennese Photographer.
It was then that his passion for photography became visible. In the beginning he focused on fine nude photography, where his fascination was focused on portraying people as beautifully as possible and catching an impression in the picture. From that point on, Manfred Baumann has taken it on to explore the World through his eyes as a photographer! With the many different productions that Manfred did in the past years he became more professional and artistically secure. It is his ambition to break with conventional views. In his Opinion a technically perfect photo does not necessarily have to be a good picture.

Therefore Manfred Baumann discovered the importance of people wanting to discover a story when observing a photograph. When looking at the same picture, the viewer has to be able to find something new every time he looks at it. Already Adams and Newton emphasized this, and Manfred is following their aim in his photographies. Manfred Baumann knows how to make beautiful women look erotic, by emphasizing their charisma and beauty. Every one of his pictures exudes an erotic tension that envelopes the observer in an almost tactile, virtually palpable experience. In recent years, Baumann has devoted himself to portraiture. The list of personalities that have posed for his camera reads like the who’s who of Hollywood: Sir Roger Moore, Bruce Willis, John Malkovich, Sylvester Stallone and many more.

To relax and recharge Manfred likes to travel the world, but never without his camera. The material collected gave way to two magnificent Exhibitions focused on landscapes. His travel essays give anyone the irresistible urge to travel. Furthermore his landscape photographs are shown from unusual, impressive angles, inviting the viewer to day-dream. Having repeatedly had the opportunity to take pictures of American Celebrities from movies and TV, I have learnt to orient myself off movies. I just let the impressions prelocate into my work. Nothing is left to fortune, not the composition, the lighting of the stage or make-up and styling! Manfred Baumann has a wide range of different subjects. Just as one of his role models, Helmut Newton, his three preferred subjects are nude, celebrity portraits and landscapes.